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The MX II Sprint is ideal for the recreational flier and flight schools. Its high lift, single surface wings give it an exceptionally short take-off roll and predictable handling at very low flight speeds. These characteristics make the MX II Sprint easier to learn to fly than anything in its class.

Get up and running for less than 20k USD and build up your MX II SPRINT from there with one of the three variants.

Fly longer distances with increased fuel capacity and improve looks with more sail colors and strobe lights.

Improve comfort with an electric starter and 6” wheels, pants and tires.

Enhance the safety and performance of your MX II SPRINT by adding instrumentation and upgrading the propeller.

Click here to download the Q MX II Sprint aircraft product catalogue (PDF - 346kb).

Click here to watch a Video of the MX II Sprint

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Modified MX doing aerobatics!!

Modified MX II doing loops (onboard Cam)

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